Maprachan Lake
Good Food and Drinks on the Maprachan Lake
Situated in a prime Maprachan location in Pattaya, this sports bar is suitable for all the family
Enjoy watching your favourite sporting occasions, enjoy a meal and a cold drink, and relax in comfortable surroundings. The bar is large and spacious with a tiled floor, wicker styled cushioned stools, glass tables and fans to maintain the temperature. Additional seating can be found at the bar and dotted around the venue in the form of standard sized tables and chairs. There are a number of booths with cushioned bench seats, which are nestled against the walls of the premises.
Free Shuttle Service
Call for pick up and drop off, no need to worry about driving!
Experience & Indulge in Activities
Our blissful atmosphere, attentive service, facilities and the combination of tradition, hospitality and the elegance of simplicity is the answer to your dream holidas
Good Food
Local and Imported Beers and Spirits
Free Shuttle
Family Friendly
Daily Specials
Car Parking
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